Penis Enlargement Bible Review – after half year of experiment…

Hi Guys, Dylan’s here.

This blog has been idled for 4 months now.  I have did a lot of trial and error on this Penis Enlargement Bible e-book product. And for those who have watched my post so far, I would need to be honest with you. Honestly, I did not follow tightly the schedule and all the supplement that are recommended by John Collin. However, I did take some supplement as below:

1. My Protein Supplement

Supplement Food

Supplement Food

Guys, the reason I took this NitroTech Protein is because it was previously recommended by my personal trainer, Mr Azizi, during my time of achieving my goal in the gym 3 years ago. At that time, my goal is to gain 10kg of muscle weight, from 57kg to 67kg (my ideal Body Mass Index). And I managed to achieve that goal in approximately 3 months to 4months time. For that reason, I will stick to this supplement. But personally I think this supplement is not for beginners, and it is relatively more expensive, and also maybe over qualified for penis enlargement exercise. If you do have a recommendation, please let me know as well.

2. My Evening Primrose Oil supplement

Supplement Food

Supplement Food

The consumer group for Evening Primrose Oil is mainly female. So I have to pretend that I am buying this product for my mum when approaching the pharmacy sales girl. As for PE, this supplement serves to make your penis skin more elastic, and thus enhance the stretching exercise.

3. My HGH  (Human Growth Hormone) booster supplement

Raja Goji, Wolfberry Dried Fruits

Raja Goji, Wolfberry Dried Fruits

HGH is another supplement recommended by PE Bible. But this product alone is not cheap. Nevertheless, I came across this Wolfberry product from a friend, and it claimed to boost the HGH lever in the body to make it looks younger. So I will give it a try.

So now you can see I am really trying to get all the necessary supplements here. But I still fail to find other supplement which is also recommended by the Penis Enlargement Bible.

First of all, I would rate this book on the scale from 1(extremely confusing) to 10 (extremely effective), and it is a 7. Why?

The BadPoint:

1. Because it is confusing sometimes. At some point at the penis exercise section, John Collin mentioned that the stretching exercise which I demonstrated in my previous video post, should be performed at the erectile state, meaning when the penis is hard. But later at the bottom of the ebook, it said the opposite thing, which is flaccid. Well it took me sometime to figure it out that the correct state for that particular exercise is flaccid. This is the reason I have created the youtube video also – to clear things off.

2. At one section, the author claimed that natural growth can be achieved simply by masturbation until before the point of ejaculation 5 times, then only you ejaculate. At another section of the book, it says adult of 28 years-old should only ejaculate 3 times a week. Therefore, as a reader and interpreter, you will need to integrate his sentences and meaning of this. Do Not Depend on his claimed statement above! In my point of view, you should still practice the proper penis exercise regularly.

The Good Point:

1. I have small growth in length and girth. In total, my length increase by half inch, and girth by quarter inch. Seriously, I have not practicing the penis exercise everyday, maybe just 1-2 days per week.

2. My hardness and ejaculation volume result can be achieved much easier. Approximately double the fluid volume.

I hope you have got my honest review here. I think that Penis Growth takes time and need patient, sometime motivation. There is no miracle on it, and it is all about hardwork.

If you are interested to know about this product, you can take a look at the link below:

Penis Enlargement Bible Image

Penis Enlargement Bible Image

Penis Enlargement Bible by John Collin

Hope you enjoy reading my post, and thanks for visiting once again. Also, if you have any question, do let me know by leaving a comment. I will try my best to get back to you.



DHT (Dihydrotestosterone) – Balancing it towards Penis Growth!

Hi Guys, it’s me again, Dylan. The month of Chinese New Year was indeed softening my mind on this blog! Even though, on and off I’ve been experimenting and practicing the exercises on penis enlargement and what’s the bible recommended for supplements.

Anyway, I’ll keep this post relevant to DHT, or Dihydrotestosterone. First of all, I never notice my sexual activity had anything to do with my male baldness. Just check out my picture at the About Me page. Does it ever associates?

Well yes it does! :)

………………………………………………………….said the Penis Enlargement Bible.

DHT is the potent form of Testosterone. Without it penis growth will not take place. So DHT is good for Penis Growth. However, overdoses of DHT could cause other health problem also. It can cause baldness (in my case) and prostate enlargement. This is because the penis has DHT receptors in it and the prostate and the scalp don’t.

Not to worry, to counter the DHT in the wrong areas, we simply introduce adrenaline and isoflavours. With isoflavours running through the body, the danger to the scalp or prostate is reduced into insignificance.You can get all the required isoflavours from all advacned multi-vitamin or/and mineral formulas, nuts, fruit, vegetables and from other substance introduce by the bible. This would help to detoxify your scalp and prostate from DHT and improve the performance of your liver.

Hope you guys have a brief understanding on DHT, and how does it impact on Penis Growth. I’ll be continue experimenting with this Bible and update on it soon. ‘Til then.

Enlarge Penis Naturally – Exercise Review

Hey Guys! I am Dylan.

It has been a while that I implemented these exercises, namely the standard stretching and standard jelqing. At the beginning, getting to read all the instructions in the bible is quite confusing, that’s why I prefer to do a simple demonstration on exacting how it is performed. Check out the video below.

A word of cautions: Never perform this exercise before you do the 2 steps below!!

Step 1 – Warming up

Just like any sports, warming up is indeed very crucial, to protect your penis from any undue injuries. If you fail to warm up properly then you’re really putting a penis risk.

How to warm up your penis?

  1. Soak a washcloth in warm or hot water, then squeeze it out.
  2. Take the warm cloth and wrap it around the shaft of your penis (either flaccid or erect)
  3. Hold it right there for a minute, remove it, repeat at least twice. Please be careful not to burn yourself.

The hot compress is useful because it draws blood to the area of your penis, thereby escalating the blood flow and make the skin more elastic. Furthermore, this helps to ensures a good grip for the exercises you will perform later.


Step 2 – Lubrication

Lubrication is necessary for all the techniques here. Using the right lubricant will help you to avoid irritation to the sensitive skin of your love gear.

The most popular types are water-based personal lubricants. These are easy to clean up, but tend to dry out quicker. Therefore, you may need to add more lube as you progress through your workout. While the petroleum-based lubricants are find to use, but they seem to be thicker and harder to clean up.

Vaseline is the most popular of the petroleum-based lubricants, but the bible believe that Vig-RX oil works the best. This oil has been specially formulated to boost male enhancement.


Warming Down is important too

The workout should be ended with a gentle massage and a warming down session with the help of a hot towel, just like you did for the warm up. When you give a massage to your penis and apply some heat to it, it helps healing and rebuilding of the cell tissue.


Final words

Whenever you perform these exercise, just remember that you are your best adviser! If you do experience discomfort or pain, then by all means, stop the exercise and check for your steps. Don’t stretch too hard that you injure yourself. Take it easy.

Penis Enlargement Bible – What Does It Promise?

This is not the first time I see someone make a promise, especially on Penis Enlargement. Don’t get me wrong, it is not that I don’t believe in any of the method, but maybe, just maybe either one of the suggestions does works.

Real growth, improved endurance, orgasm and hardness result can be seen within 8 to 10 weeks! sooner or later. That’s what John Collins promised!

And the most exciting thing about all these result? is that all of this growth and responsiveness happened naturally. There was a natural chemical balance in your body which promoted penis growth from within, hard erections, stamina, lots of semen and even – believe it or not – a straight penis!

By natural means, it means that the penis growth is stimulated by taking certain biochemical internally, and further boost the growth process via external exercise. This does makes sense to me. When we are focusing on penis enlargement here, in some way we are heading towards a larger goal, the overall health improvement of our body. A healthy body does requires nutrient supplements, and exercise to promote.




Natural Penis Enlargement – Does Size Matters?

Hey I’m Dylan.

Thanks for checking out my blog here! And if you are looking for information on Penis Enlargement,  then you are at the right place. I am writing here to provide you with the most comprehensive review on a product called Penis Enlargement Bible from John Collins.

Natural Penis Enlargement Bible

Natural Penis Enlargement Bible

Click here to find out John Collins’ Website on Penis Enlargement Bible

A common question to ask when we talk about Penis Enlargement is: Does Size REALLY Matters? Well, gals will usually said that love is more important than sex when it comes to relationship. She can said whatever she wants, but only she knows in her heart that something is missing? Well I would says guys, if you love your gal, and hope to enhance your impression inside of her (body or heart), then you should workout to find out more on this topic.

This product is relatively new on ClickBank and was launched on 29 Nov. And I am still checking and testing on it. I will get back soon to share with you all more on what it has to give. Til Then!